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The Nomad Studio

About The Nomad Studio

This site is all about the passion and dream of a nomad couple, Preethi & Naveen. They are fond of road trips, travelling to unique destinations and totally curious to experience local food. Here you will find stories about their personal travel adventures, favorite food experiences, planning guides and very useful travel checklists to help you travel too. Wait, that’s not all. There is another featured category in Nomad Studio – DIY projects. Here they share unique craft and build projects explained in easy steps to encourage others to build, create and style their own space.

One of their first ever build project is converting a cargo trailer into their own self-contained travel trailer. As a couple their love for road trips and Preethi’s design background led to the thought of doing a build rather than buying a RV for their travels. You can see the build here.  

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